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Outplacement redefined.
We use a combination of individualized coaching and smart technology training tools to help our outplacement candidates land faster than the average job seeker.
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High Touch and High Tech.
Outplacement candidates will work with senior level consultants who will provide an individualized program to help them through their transition. The candidates will also have access to state of the art technology tools to help them search better, learn more and be better organized.
How can we help you?
The Frontier Group delivers results.
Your career transition candidates will move into their new roles faster, while limiting your liability, saving on outplacement and unemployment costs, and protecting your brand.
How can we help you?


The Frontier Group is a human capital management consulting firm that provides outplacement, executive coaching and spousal relocation solutions that re-deploy talent, protect employer brands, and make the outplacement process efficient and problem free. We  combine individualized coaching and training services from trained professionals with current  technology delivered through a convenient, 24/7cloud-based platform.


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