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Human Resource Strategies to Drive Positive Change

As organizations become flatter, the pace of change accelerates, making it essential that you nurture and develop talent across all levels. Two key ways we help companies create and maintain a competitive advantage are through executive coaching and organizational development.

Executive Coaching

The Frontier Group engages with leaders and high-potential executives, one on one, to customize a coaching program that will increase their value to your organization by advancing their skills.

Executives learn:

  • How to use their personal leadership style to be more effective
  • An understanding of the environment in which they work and how to identify factors that drive success
  • How to transition into new areas of responsibility
  • Greater leadership expertise through team-building exercises
  • Skills for coaching and developing others within the organization
  • How to create a personal plan of action for improving leadership competencies


Talent Development

Our experience has shown that successful and proactive organizations that invest in leadership development gain a sustainable competitive advantage and a significant ROI.

Our Executive Coaching and Talent Development process includes:

  • Establishing measurable objectives for development
    • A GAP analysis that:
    • Utilizes assessment tools, including skill-based, psychological and organizational testing, as well as interviews within the relevant environment
    • Outlines specific areas for development
    • Aligns the individual’s capabilities with business needs
    • Sets goals and action plans for change
  • Closure to the process and an outline of future actions
  • The development of a follow-up plan to assess continued improvement

Are you ready to create a competitive advantage for your organization?



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